Situated in the world’s largest ski area, Les 3 Vallées, Courchevel is THE perfect village and doorstep skiing resort for getting the most from your mountain ski holiday. Varied, high-altitude, modern and natural at the same time: get your skis on and discover the charm of Courchevel and Les 3 Vallées’ ski areas!

Skiing without the headache, going wherever you want, whenever you want without ever ending up stuck, enjoying the best of the sunshine on the slopes… If that’s the kind of holiday you’re dreaming of, then head to Les 3 Vallées: doorstep skiing freedom and an extraordinary choice of sunny slopes, ski lifts and exquisite panoramic views… Les 3 Vallées skipass gives you access to plenty of lovely little itineraries in the sun, with complete peace of mind. This easy and accessible ski area will satisfy your every requirement and desire. 

Whether you’re coming alone, as a couple, as a family, with your little one…. There’s guaranteed to be a package to suit you!


Share these precious moments with them in Les 3 Vallées, magical and easy atmospheres guaranteed!


✓ 2 parents + 2 children (5/-18 years old).

✓ The whole family skis at the child rate!

✓ From 2 to 7 children.


⛷ 288€ per skier / 6 days

TRIBU PASS / Skiing for many at a mini price!

Live exhilarating experiences in the 3 Valleys with your tribe... Change of scenery guaranteed!


✓ Group buy 3 skiers and more.

✓ Buy grouped, you win!

✓ Same duration, same domain.


⛷ 340€ per skier / 6 days


✓ 2 days of skiing per week.

✓ Explore the entire area Monday through Sunday!

✓ Pass re-credited every Sunday night (tip: ski from Saturday to Tuesday for 4 consecutive days).

✓ Track your consumption on your online account & email notifications.


⛷ 695€ per skier / season


This 3 Valleys ski pass is the ideal offer for regular skiers but who wish to glide on the slopes of the area sparingly.


✓ 20 passes per week (consecutive or not)

✓ Can be used from Monday to Sunday

✓ Track your consumption on your online account & email notifications.


In short, an ideal season pass for workers close to the slopes wishing to take a break between lunch and dinner.


⛷ 695€ per skier / season 

Then the 3 Vallées Liberty Pass

The 3 Vallées Liberty Pass is available online only. It is ideal if you ski between 8 and 21 days in the season.


✓ Free ski days: the 9th 3 Vallées day is free

✓ The amount will be debited according to your actual course, depending on your passages

✓ -10% on the public adult day rate and -20% every Saturday on the 3 Valleys

✓ Track your consumption on your online account & email notifications.


30€ per skier / season

Unlimited season pass

The season ski pass is the perfect plan if you ski more than 21 days in the season.


✓ Ski for the whole season unlimited!

✓ 342 runs, 600km, 158 lifts.

✓ Payment in 3 or 4 times available.


⛷ 1489€ per skier / season


  • FREE OF CHARGE / Are you 75 or over? Or a child under 5? Then your skipass comes free!  Free skipasses are only available from our salespoints. You will be asked to provide proof of date of birth, as well as a recent ID photo to enjoy this free offer. 


  • PEDESTRIANS / Access the mountains and discover legendary Alpine summits: Mont Blanc, Grande Casse, Les Ecrins… Now you don’t need to be a serious hiker to treat yourself to a real spectacle! Day: 27€/person - 6 days: 84€/person. Buy your pedestrian pass. 


  • MINIPASS / If you’re after a gentle introduction to skiing or snowboarding, the Mini Pass Courchevel is made for you! Learn in total peace, protected from experienced skiers, feel relaxed and glide down gentle green runs at your own pace against a dream backdrop! A single rate per day (over 5s and under 75s) gives you access to the Mini Pass area. The perfect way to learn with total peace of mind before setting off to discover Les 3 Vallées! Only available to purchase from our salespoints
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