Courchevel's explorers: the call of the Himalayan gods


Nepalese adventures

Loréleï Rodrigo, mountain leader, yoga and sophrology teacher in Courchevel, tells us today about her story, her relationship with the resort, where she comes from, and her 13-day expedition in Nepal, a real initiatory and spiritual journey, close to the Himalayan giants.

What is your history with Courchevel? What is your activity?

I am from Courchevel. My grandfather arrived here after WWII with his brother who was a blacksmith. He came from the Avanchers-Valmorel valley. He realized that there were no plumbing services, gas station, building services, etc. in Courchevel. So he settled at the entrance of Courchevel 1850, with my grandmother, and they set up a multi-service business: delivery, gasoline, plumbing, fuel. He is one of the pioneers because he worked on the construction of most of the buildings in Courchevel.

For my activity, it is first of all the accompaniment in mountain. The initial idea was to know my environment. At first, I did not intend to make a profession out of it, but to apprehend the fauna, flora, geology, the humain, the history, all the mountain culture which interested me much.

So I trained in this field, the sporting side also attracted me because I wanted to explore paths on serveral-day trips. My activity was therefore firstly the accompaniment in the mountains. I also trained in yoga because I wanted to give another dimension to walking. In fact, I wanted walking to be therapeutic: to work on the alignment of the body and on the way to position oneself on the ground to free the mind. That's how I brought the yoga exercises into the walk. Then, I wanted to work with different audiences: children, the elderly, the sick. That's why I trained in sophrology.

Today, still with the goal of healing, I work on energetic care.

Where did you go exploring ?

I did a trek in Mustang, Nepal, which really taught me to work on walking in temporality. We walked through valleys for 3 weeks to get to the Lo Mantang kingdom. We arrived at the kingdom and met the king of Mustang. It is there that I felt that I had to accompany the people in the mountains. I experienced my first Pujas. The Pujas are celebrations, rituals with a lot of singing, objects, perfumes, food as offerings to the deities. It is really a spiritual work and that's when I felt the call of the mountains.

Then I went to the source of the Ganges, the Gangotri. It is a place of pilgrimage where there had just been big floods. We found ourselves alone, with another girlfriend from Courchevel, to go and see the babas who are yogis in the Himalayan caves, and especially to go up to the glacier. Another trip that left a deep impression on me and forged my approach around breaths and energy work in the mountains.

Where does this thist fro adventure come from?

What gave me this thirst is that, when the environment you see the most in the first 3 years of life, the years that build you up, is the snowpack, you become aware of the power of the water and the mountain. I was a scout for 15 years and I really learned to interact with the living. The idea is to be able to transmit that to people who have not had this learning of observation. It is a psychic and physical state that allows us to be in resonance with the living. By doing these trainings, I did not think, at the beginning, to make a profession out of it but I realized that it could help.

Are there future projects?

The next project is to go more and more towards individual accompaniment and deep natural immersions. I will offer sessions in which I will really use the rock, the water, and other elements to accompany the person in their journey. The project is to use more prana (energy) to be able to become a healer.

Which adventure would you recommend to go on in Courchevel?

Le Petit Mont Blanc. An ascent to the Petit Mont Blanc and a yoga and pranayama class at the summit.  

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