The altiport

Created in 1961 by Michel Ziegler, former mayor of Courchevel and mountain and aviation enthusiast, Courchevel’s Altiport has played a key role in the resort’s history.

At an altitude of 2,007 metres, it was the first mountain aerodrome to have an upslope runway and is the only altiport to be kept clear of snow all year round. With the use of helicopters becoming increasingly popular, the heliport has expanded to accommodate them even more comfortably and safely.
Accessible via an easy run, it’s the ideal place to enjoy panoramic views over Mont Blanc or La Grande Casse… and to admire the impressive sight of planes taking off!

A few figures:
537 metres: length of run
18.66%: maximum slope, the highest gradient in the world!
6,000 flight turnarounds every winter

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