Ski jumps

Definitely the most noteworthy part of the 1992 Olympic Games legacy, the ski jumps in Le Praz are home to an exhibition on the history of the site and the sport.

To begin with, there were two ski jumps, measuring 90 metres and 120 metres, the latter being to this day the only one of its kind in France. Then came the 60 metre and 25 metre jumps, completing the most extensive, best-equipped collection of ski jumps in the country. French and international teams carry out their ski jump training at the Maison des Sauteurs and the Envolée Gymnasium, whilst the Sports Club invites budding champions to make their first jumps from the age of 6-7.
Every summer, the area becomes the stage of the world ski jumping championships (attracting more than 8,000 spectators), with numerous competitions taking place there throughout the year.

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