Aquawellness area

Courchevel Village
Ouverture en clair
From 04/12/2021 to 27/03/2022, daily between 10 am and 8 pm.

From 28/03 to 22/04/2022, daily.

1297 route des Eaux Vives
Courchevel Village
73120 Courchevel

Steam room
Languages spoken
Description courte
Add an immersion in the salt cave or a sauna, hammam or caldarium session to the wellbeing provided by a relaxed moment in the indoor/outdoor jet Stream pool heated at 34°C.
Spa pool
Permanently heated to 32°C, for a relaxing interlude on the bubble bed and massage jets...

If you want to enjoy the dry heat of Scandinavian countries, test out the sauna, choose from either the indoor or outdoor version.

Right at the centre, this pool has the highest temperatures! The steamy atmosphere of the ancient Roman baths helps your body completely relax.

The sea cave
If you’ve heard of “the pink lake”, this cave will no doubt transport you.
The intimate space envelopes you with its meditative atmosphere, in water heated to 30°C with a high salinity level, it’s perfect for restoring the body’s biological balance.

The outdoor pool
Heated so you can enjoy a soothing expérience connected to the grandiose natural surroundings.
A special feature, the lining is in stainless steel, chosen for its environmentally friendly virtues.

Turkish baths
Welcome to this 5-room centre. Ideal for eliminating toxins and relaxing in a hot steam bath, and alternating with a cold bath.

The silencium
Suggestive of peace of mind, optimised through its enchanting location, worthy of ocean floors.

Bubble Bath
For a beautiful finish, relax in the hot and bubbling waters of the outdoor jacuzzi, for a moment of timeless relaxation.

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