Hiking in Courchevel


From the bottom of the resort to the discovery of the hamlets, while walking in the forest, to the highest summits for hikes in a mineral atmosphere, the Courchevel area is full of itineraries for all levels of practice. Here are some ideas for your summer stay.


La Rosière torrent and the Poux waterfall

The Rosière nature reserve is Courchevel's emblematic summer site. From its turquoise lake, walk up to the Poux waterfall. Accessible to strollers and people with reduced mobility, the path is always wide. On your right, the Rosière torrent snakes between the fir trees all along the way and, on the left, the gypsum gullies of the dent du Villard add a unique atmosphere to the walk. A setting worthy of the Yellowstone National Park.

The Ecureuils path

Not very steep, this path is the perfect itinerary for a forest walk! Starting from Courchevel 1850, it joins the Bouc Blanc area, in Courchevel La Tania, an ideal place to have a picnic or a snack facing the valley. In some places, on the upstream side of the path, you can find wild blueberry bushes: think of taking a small bag with you if you want to collect some!

The Pralin alpine pasture

At the end of the Belvédère neighborhood, in Courchevel Moriond, you will find a forest path that will lead you to a magnificent meadow. First in the woods, the path goes up towards the meadow called Pralin-Mugnier. You will then walk in the middle of fields tinted with yellow, until you reach a small plateau where three barns stand. A dreamlike setting, between pastures and mountains.


From Courchevel Le Praz.

The authentic village of Courchevel Le Praz is the starting point for many walks leading to the surrounding hamlets. From the center, you can go to the hamlet of Montcharvet, enthroned in the middle of a clearing hidden in the forest, and return through La Jairaz hamlet. On the opposite side, a triptych of hamlets can be visited: Le Freney, La Nouvaz and Villaflou. Discover them in one go or one by one! It is also possible to go to La Nouvaz from Courchevel La Tania.

Le lac Bleu

At the Col de la Loze, this high altitude lake with its crystal clear waters is a very beautiful hiking objective. All along the way, you will walk on a balcony path offering an exceptional view on the mountains of Courchevel, the Vanoise glaciers and, beyond the opposite side, the Mont Blanc. The lake, slightly set back from the path, is a haven of peace at the foot of the Rocher de la Loze. Good to know, fishing is allowed!

The Merlet lakes

At the edge of the Vanoise National Park, these high altitude lakes are a must-see hiking destination in Courchevel. Next to the first lake, commonly called the inferior Merlet lake, you can enjoy the terrace of the refuge of the same name. It is the smallest of the Park! The superior Merlet lake (the deepest of the Vanoise), on the other hand, is revealed in a mountain setting, without any doubt one of the most beautiful altitude lakes. Take the time to sit on its shore and let yourself be carried by the serenity of the place.


The Dent du Villard

With its gypsum gullies very significant of area's geology, its forest classified Natura 2000 and its 360° viewpoint, this mountain is climbed by zigzagging along the mountain, on a balcony path. At the top, it is possible to go back down by the same itinerary or to take the 1000 steps path via the Chal mountain pass.

Be careful, in the proposed ascent itinerary, some sections in the gypsum gullies are facing the void (equipped with a guide line). Not recommended for people with fear of heights.

The Petit Mont Blanc

Named after the color of its summit, this gypsum dome is climbed after a long and beautiful walk in the Avals valley, a wild and preserved area where you can occasionally see chamois in the surrounding cliffs. Once you have reached the Saulces pass, you leave the Avals valleys and head for the summit, from where you can enjoy an impressive panorama of the Vanoise massif.

The Mont Charvet ridges

Between Courchevel and Pralognan-la-Vanoise, this ridge offers a panoramic view of the Courchevel mountains and the Vanoise glaciers. With its dolines and its geology, comparable to the "dent du Villard", this hike takes you in a unique universe. The Grande Pierre pass will be the perfect place to take a break before going back down.

Brèche de Portetta

In the heart of the Dents de Portetta, also called the little Savoyard Dolomites, this break is an iconic place in the Courchevel area. At first in the mountain pasture, the hike ends in a mineral path, with more and more imposing rocks as you approach the summit. We then find ourselves in the middle of a stone cathedral: a moment out of time where, facing the Grande Casse and the Vanoise glaciers, the only sound we hear is that of the torrents flowing on the opposite side.

The mountain is not a danger-free area. For your safety, we recommend that you bring good walking shoes, a pair of poles, warm clothing, sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. As conditions can change rapidly, please check the weather report regularly before your outing.

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