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THE NATIONAL CLASSIFICATION AND THE COURCHEVEL LABEL of furnished tourist properties to rent in : 
Courchevel, Courchevel Moriond, Courchevel Village, Courchevel le Praz, Courchevel Saint-Bon, Courchevel La Tania

Since 2011 COURCHEVEL TOURISME is certified to control the standard of rental properties in Courchevel in order to obtain the National Classification grading from 1* to 5*.

At the same time COURCHEVEL TOURISME created a « Label Courchevel » which is specific to the resort and which represents the four levels of rating. 

Why ?

-    In order to give you a better visibility of the rental properties in Courchevel and to guarantee their level of comfort whilst simultaneously offering the best value for money.
-    To be able to provide products and services of quality that are suitable for all budgets.
-    To meet guests’ expectations and to contribue to the success of your holiday.


The tourist rental properties are rated from 1* to 5* according to the latest standards and procedures published by the law of 22nd July 2009.

The inspection checklist is comprised of 112 criteria split into three main groups: 
1.    Equipment and layout (living area, state and cleanliness of the furniture and furnishings, equipment for guests’ comfort)
2.    Guest services
3.    Access and sustainable development

THE OBJECTIVES of the national classification :
-    To harmonise the international classification system
-    To offer a better visibility of the tourist products and services on offer
-    To guarantee the state, cleanliness and the comfort of each property at each level
-    To offer quality accommodation that corresponds to guests’ expectations 

The National Classification Logos 

Labels meublé tourisme


This rating, specific to Courchevel, is established in an objective manner, taking into account your expectations and requirements according to your budget. 

To receive the rating, your property must obtain a minimum of 70 points out of 100, during an inspection visit by the Courchevel Tourisme team. The criteria necessary to obtain the rating are divided into 4 different themes:

-    The outside environment, surrounding and communal areas
-    The equipment, the building materials used, the comfort, decoration, state and cleanliness of the flat or chalet
-    Guest services
-    Sustainable development

The Courchevel Label totals 4 different classification levels :

Label « Montagne »            if the property obtains between 70 and 79 points.

Label « Montagne de Charme »    if the property obtains between 80 and 89 points.

Label « Montagne de Rêve »    if the property obtains between 90 and 94 points.

Label « Montagne d’Exception »    if the property obtains between 95 and 100 points.

Labels courchevel


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