The ski area map

Check out the map of pistes to get around Courchevel ski area, in Savoy. You can also find out more about ski runs, avalanche risks and more.


⚠️ Everyone be careful on the slopes: measure your speed, pay attention to other skiers and your trajectory, do not park in the middle of the slopes and equip yourself with a helmet. The ski area is open from 9am until 4.45pm.

Ski lifts : 10/13

teleskis Chenus Lift open
teleskis Coqs Lift closed
teleskis Loze A Lift open
teleskis Loze B Lift closed
teleskis Plantrey Lift open
teleskis Forêt Lift open
teleskis Epicéa Lift open
teleskis Praz Lift open
teleskis Jardin d'enfants Lift open
teleskis Grangettes Lift open
teleskis Tovets Lift closed
teleskis Grandes Combes Lift open
teleskis Roys Lift open

Slopes : 20/23

Lac Bleu Open slopes

Anémones Open slopes

Chenus Open slopes

Loze Est Open slopes

Coqs Open slopes

Jantzen Open slopes

Loze Open slopes

Dou du Midi Open slopes

Déviation 1550 Open slopes

Petit Dou Open slopes

Chabichou Open slopes

Jean Blanc Open slopes

Eclipse Closed slopes

Murette Open slopes

Plantrey Open slopes

Brigues Open slopes

Amoureux Open slopes

Saint Bon Closed slopes

Village des Enfants Open slopes

Tovets Open slopes

Provères Open slopes

Grandes Combes Open slopes

Zen Envolée Out of season

Ski lifts : 11/11

teleskis Chapelets Lift open
teleskis Signal Lift open
teleskis Roc Mugnier Lift open
teleskis Petite Bosse Lift open
teleskis Ariondaz Lift open
teleskis Granges Lift open
teleskis Belvédère Lift open
teleskis Mickey Lift open
teleskis Petit Moriond Lift open
teleskis Mine Lift open
teleskis Sheriff Lift open

Slopes : 22/23

Chapelets Open slopes

Tetras Open slopes

Rochers Open slopes

Ariondaz Open slopes

Grandes Bosses Open slopes

Easy Way Open slopes

Roc Mugnier Open slopes

Gentianes Open slopes

Gravelles Open slopes

Petite Bosse Open slopes

Signal Open slopes

Bel Air Open slopes

Indiens Open slopes

Praline Open slopes

Granges Open slopes

Marquis Open slopes

Cèpes Open slopes

Belvédère Open slopes

Belvédère-Granges Open slopes

Mousserons Open slopes

Zen Mickey Open slopes

Petit Moriond Open slopes

Moriond Closed slopes

Ski lifts : 3/4

teleskis Chanrossa Lift open
teleskis Roc Merlet Lift open
teleskis Pyramides 1 Lift open
teleskis Pyramides 2 Lift closed

Slopes : 7/7

Jean Pachod Open slopes

Chanrossa Open slopes

Roc Merlet Open slopes

Pyramides Open slopes

Plan Mugnier Open slopes

Montagnes Russes Open slopes

Lac Ariondaz Open slopes

Ski lifts : 0/0

Slopes : 7/8

Family Park Open slopes

Moriond - Western Ski Park Open slopes

Kodiak Area Open slopes

Moriond - Carabosse Open slopes

Moriond - Natural Canyon Closed slopes

Moriond - Courchevel Racing Open slopes

Courchevel - Village Grangettes Open slopes

Courchevel - Espace Luge Enfants Open slopes

Ski lifts : 15/15

teleskis Rocher de l'Ombre Lift open
teleskis Sources Lift open
teleskis Verdons Lift open
teleskis Biollay Lift open
teleskis Pralong Lift open
teleskis Aiguille du Fruit Lift open
teleskis Altiport Lift open
teleskis Ferme Lift open
teleskis Cospillot Lift open
teleskis Jardin Alpin Lift open
teleskis Etoiles Lift open
teleskis Golf 1850 n°1 Lift open
teleskis Golf 1850 n°2 Lift open
teleskis Golf 1850 n°3 Lift open
teleskis Bellecôte Lift open

Slopes : 22/23

Sources Open slopes

Verdons Open slopes

Petit Lac Open slopes

Biollay Open slopes

Biollay-Verdons Open slopes

Marquetty Open slopes

Renards Open slopes

Super Pralong Open slopes

Pralong Open slopes

Pralong-Suisses Open slopes

Rama Open slopes

Altiport Open slopes

Cave des Creux Open slopes

Altipôle Open slopes

Mur Open slopes

Plan du Vah Closed slopes

Praméruel Open slopes

Zen Ferme Open slopes

Cospillot Open slopes

Jardin Alpin Open slopes

Zen Practice Open slopes

Bellecôte Open slopes

Bellecôte-Pralong Open slopes

Ski lifts : 3/4

teleskis Saulire
teleskis Vizelle Lift open
teleskis Suisses Lift open
teleskis Marmottes Lift open

Slopes : 16/16

Combe de la Saulire Open slopes

Grand Couloir Open slopes

Téléphone Open slopes

Bosses Open slopes

Creux Open slopes

Lac des Creux Open slopes

Freeride Lab Open slopes

Vizelle-Combe Open slopes

Vizelle-Creux Open slopes

Américain Open slopes

Combe des Pylônes Open slopes

M Open slopes

Suisses Open slopes

Park City Open slopes

Marmottes Open slopes

Plan du Lac Open slopes

Ski lifts : 6/8

teleskis Dou des Lanches Lift open
teleskis Bouc Blanc Lift open
teleskis Stade Tania Lift closed
teleskis Tania Lift open
teleskis Gros Murger Lift closed
teleskis Mon Tania Lift open
teleskis Ours Brun Lift open
teleskis Grizzly Lift open

Slopes : 8/10

Col de la Loze Open slopes

Dou des Lanches Open slopes

Lanches Closed slopes

Arolles Open slopes

Bouc Blanc Open slopes

Plan Fontaine Open slopes

Folyères Open slopes

Moretta Blanche Closed slopes

Zen Tania G2 Open slopes

Jardin d'enfants Tania Open slopes

Ski lifts : 0/0

Slopes : 0/6

Head Slalom Park Closed slopes

Stade Emile Allais Closed slopes

Stade Village Closed slopes

Stade Moriond Closed slopes

Stade Tania Closed slopes

Stade Croisette Closed slopes
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