Courchevel, Le Bike Park – for everyone!

Domaine CYCLO-VTT-VAE Courchevel

The resort is open this summer from 03/07 to 27/08.

Courchevel is home to marked MTB trails, divided into 11 downhill routes accessible via ski lift, as well as 4 circular loops and the col de la Loze, a path reserved to cyclists only. Information about the col de la Loze available at the bottom of this page.


One free bike wash is available for your use, in Courchevel, underneath La Croisette walkway.

Check the times for summer lifts HERE.


Download the MAP 2020 

Change gears, aim high and pedal at your own pace in the Courchevel resort.

Domaine CYCLO-VTT-VAE Courchevel

There’s not much that beats whizzing along a green grade or blue grade trail on our “Funny Tracks” as an introduction to the joys of mountain biking on the slopes at Courchevel. And, if you’re familiar with this area for skiing, you’ll be glad to know that the technical level of the cycle routes is similar to the skiing routes, and access is the same - via the free gondola des Verdons. 

This is the starting point for 3 fluid and fun courses which have been created to introduce you to the pleasures of mountain biking at the centre of Courchevel 1850. There’s plenty for riders for all levels to enjoy.  

(DH1) Funny Track 1 :
-Green trail
-Departure from the summit, gondola des Verdons/Arrival foot of the slopes, Courchevel 1850
-Level: -300
-Distance: 3km
-Approximate time: 20 minutes
(DH3) Funny Track 3 :
-Blue Track
-Departure summit, gondola des Verdons/Arrival foot of the slopes, Courchevel 1850
-Level: -300
-Distance: 3km
-Approximate time: 15 minutes
(DH2) Funny Track 2 :
-Blue Track
-Departure summit, gondola des Verdons /Arrival Sources ski lift; take Funny Track 3 to return to the foot of the slopes at Courchevel  1850)
-Level: -150
-Distance: 1.5km
-Approximate time: 7 Minutes


Domaine CYCLO-VTT-VAE Courchevel

For downhill cycling enthusiasts, these 2 courses are more technical and can be accessed from the top of the Plantrey chairlift (1500m from the top of Verdons gondola). Enjoy a series of sharp turns and small jumps to take off!

(DH4) La Louza:
-Red Trail
-Departure top of the Plantrey chairlift/ Arrival foot of the slopes, Courchevel 1850
-Level: -930
-Distance: 3km
-Approximate time: 15 min

(DH5) La Betchet :
-Red Trail
-Departure top of the Plantrey chairlift/Arrival Summit Courchevel La Tania gondola 
-Level: -700
--Distance : 2.5km
-Approximate time: 10 min
Domaine CYCLO-VTT-VAE Courchevel

Fans of Enduro mountain bikes will be thrilled by the many circuits that crisscross the villages of Courchevel, the forests, alpine pastures and high mountain passes, past Mont Blanc and high-altitude lakes, the legendary peaks of the Vanoise Massif such as the Great Casse... You won't believe your eyes! But you will need to concentrate because though the landscapes are sublime, the routes are technical and the terrain varies widely (earth, grass, mud, pebbles, tar, fords, donkey track, trail) and descents can be sometimes steep.

There is a track to suit everyone at all levels - from green and blue right through to black. See route: l’Intégral.

(11) Le Bondge
-Green Trail
-Departure Lake of Praz/Arrival centre village Saint-Bon
-Levels: -184, +45
-Distance: 3.7km
-Approximate time: 20 minutes
(8) La Croé :
-Blue Track
-Departure Tourist Office Courchevel  Moriond/Arrival foot of the slopes Courchevel Village
-Levels-107, +11
--Distance : 2.1km
-Approximate time: 15 minutes
(10) La Foré :
-Red Trail
-Departure Summit Gondola Courchevel La Tania/Arrival La Croisette Courchevel 1850
-Levels: -100, +40
-Distance: 3km
-Approximate time: 20 minutes
(13) Borat : 
-Red Trail
-Departure foot of the slopes Courchevel 1850/Arrival Tourist Office Courchevel Village
-Level: -287
-Distance: 2.5km
-Approximate time: 20 minutes
(7) La Dérotchu :
-Blue Track
-Departure foot of the slopes 1850/Arrival Tourist Office Courchevel Moriond
-Levels: -222, +42
-Distance : 4.1km
-Approximate time: 20 minutes
(12) Lou Virolets : 
-Blue Track
-Departure top of Gondola Courchevel La Tania/Arrival foot of the slopes Courchevel La Tania
-Level: -513
-Distance : 6.6km
-Approximate time: 25 minutes
(11) La To-drè :
-Red Trail
-Departure foot of the slopes Courchevel Village/Arrival tourist office Courchevel Le Praz
-Levels: -216, +3
-Distance: 2.4km
-Approximate time: 20 minutes


Domaine CYCLO-VTT-VAE Courchevel

If you could choose just one route during your stay in Courchevel, it should without doubt be this one. But beware, L'Integrale isn’t for everyone, this magnificent track is only for experienced riders looking for an exciting challenge and who are not afraid of high-speed cycling as they tackle this whopping 13km track!
The starting point is impressive. At 2738m high, Sommet de la Saulire mountain (accessible free of charge by the Verdons gondola and La Saulire cable car), the views are magical: Mont Blanc, the Grande Casse, the glaciers of the Vanoise... After you’ve enjoyed the views, it's time to get on your bike and take the descent to Lake Praz, 1430m below. Beneath your wheels, the varied terrain will fly by: sometimes rocky, smoother as you cross the pastures, more technical on the raised curves of the Funny track, and a glorious finish on the steep tracks of the Praz forest.

-Black Track
-Departure cable car Sommet de la Saulire/Arrival Alpinium Courchevel Le Praz
-Levels: -1430, +50
-Distance: 13km
-Approximate time: 75 minutes
Domaine CYCLO-VTT-VAE Courchevel

Motor-assisted mountain biking with an e-bike is one of the best ways to discover the heart of the Courchevel Valley without too much effort. Each turn in a bend, marked trail or path, from charming little villages at the bottom of the valley to the gateway to the Vanoise National Park (at more than 2300m high), provides wonderful opportunities to discover the rich natural cultural heritage of Courchevel. 

(F) Boucle Prairie :
-Green Trail
-Departure: Alpinium - Courchevel Le Praz, loop around the village
-Levels: -90, +90
-Distance: 3.7 km

This the ideal area to learn about the pleasures of mountain biking. Take in the pastoral prettiness of the Praz plateau and explore the narrow alleyways of the village, the Olympic springboards, the Alpinium building, etc. 
(E) Courchevel Village-Chantery :
-Blue Track
-Departure Courchevel Village
-Levels: -160, +160
-Distance : 5.9 km (there and back)

This wide track runs through a green shady forest, and is perfect for a relaxed, short distance ride.
(A) Boucle Courchevel - Epicéa : 
-Blue Track
-Departure foot of the slopes Courchevel 1850/Loop to departure point for chairlift of Bouc Blanc 
-Levels: -170, +170
-Distance: 6.3 km loop

A loop on a wide track in a lush forest, an ideal route for a short and relaxing ride with a view of the peaks of Mont Jovet and le Bécoin.
(C) Boucle Moriond Pralin:
-Blue Track
-Departure Moriond Tourist Office/Loop in the AVALS Valley
-Levels: -300, +300
-Distance : 7 km

A pretty crossing through the meadows of Courchevel Moriond, part paved, part wide track, surrounded by the sound of tinkling cow bells and the shrill whistling of marmots. A great opportunity to ride high and experience pastoral life and the biodiversity of the mountains.  
(B) VAE3 Col de la Loze
-Blue Track
-Departure Courchevel Tourist Office 1850
-Level: +930
-Distance : 25.8 km

Discover the Col de la Loze, the third highest pass in Savoie, which will host the finish of the Tour de France on 16 September 2020.
This new alpine route allows both experienced riders and novices to ride in an exceptional setting. The last 5.8 kilometres of the ascent is exclusively for cyclists, giving you a chance to take in the magnificent views of the glaciers of Vanoise and Mont Blanc.
(D) VAE1 Vallée Sauvage des Avals 
-Red Trail
-Level: +940m
-Departure Tourist Office of Courchevel Moriond

This innovative route includes both road and forest trails - 2 very different experiences. One in the heart of the Courchevel pastures, the other is wilder, passing through a secret valley which takes you to the gateway to the Vanoise National Park, via the Platta Pass. Take a well-deserved break at the Grand Plan refuge at 2300m high, from here the views over the Petit Mont Blanc are tremendous.
(G)  VAE2 Les Hameaux Secrets 
-Blue Track
-Level: +750m
-Departure Bozel Town Hall
-Distance: 19.9 km

Pedal back in time and discover the origins of the resort. On this rustic route you’ll discover twenty small villages and hamlets, all full of historic treasures: Chapels, churches, bread ovens...
From Bozel, you take small, traffic-free roads and trails, all the way to Courchevel Le Praz.

(H) VAE4 Rando de la Source
-Green Trail
-Departure: Brides-les-Bains Tourist Office
-Level: +436m
-Distance: 12km

From Brides-Les-Bains, this beautiful forest trail takes you to the hamlet of Villarnard. On arrival, park your bike and take a tour to explore the local heritage: an old village bread oven, wash house, ancient school.



Le col de la Loze
col de la loze - Courchevel


By E-bike or road bike: This new cycling pass invites cyclists of all levels to ride through an exceptional setting, with the final 5.8 kilometres reserved to cyclists only. It’s the perfect opportunity to admire the Vanoise glaciers and Mont Blanc in total safety, with the arrival at an altitude of 2,304 metres.

DOWNLOAD THE TWO SUGGESTED ROUTES : discovery route (35 km - + 1050 m) cycling route (62 km - + 1970 m).

By MTB: 21.1 km – 2hrs – climbs and descents: 780 metres – Red Setting off from the Tourist Office in Courchevel 1850, this sustained climb along forest paths will take you up to the Col de la Loze, at an altitude of 2,274 metres. 360° views of the mountain summits await you, with stunning views of Mont Blanc into the bargain. Make your way back to the starting point through the Méribel valley.

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