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Looking for somewhere to climb in Courchevel?

• AQUAMOTION Courchevel Village
11-metre climbing wall, a wall face (climbing without rope) and fun climbing units.
Reservation compulsory.
• LE FORUM Courchevel 1850
An artificial climbing wall (13 m high) is open to the public every day from 9.00am to
10.00pm. Individual insurance compulsory.
• VALLÉE DES AVALS Courchevel Moriond
Beautiful climbs of one length in the Biol canyon.
Grande and Petite Val walls: a few climbs of varying lengths.
Plassa rocks: ridges crossing.
• PRAMÉRUEL VALLEY Courchevel 1850
55 climbs from 5th to 7th level. Access by the forest road in front of the Annapurna hotel.
• LA SAULIRE • Courchevel 1850
Climbing structures situated under the restaurant Le Panoramic.


Do you want to get high? Your stay in Courchevel is the perfect opportunity to discover rock climbing or to improve your practice.
Come discover climbing with Aventure Montagne. Introduction to the activity for beginners on artificial walls or cliffs, to demystify, make approachable what we think is reserved for elite. Activity proposed to adults and to kids.
Hands, feet and a head, that's all you need for rock climbing. A rope, a harness and a little knowledge will help you to progress in security.
Courchevel 1850
In the heart of le Forum, climb over one of the 7climbing path to 12m high.
Beginner or initiate, helping with a guide, that climbing wall is for everyone.

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