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Mountain bike and e-mountain bike in Courchevel

Mountain biking, fat-bike riding, e-mountain bike riding, outings or lessons, choose your option!


Come and discover the mountains supervised by a professional instructor for a half-day, a day or for several days. Supervision in private or group lessons.
Mountain biking introduction, enduro-like long tracks or even downhill mountain bikes.
• Wide range of bikes to rent (Electric, mountain, downhill and road bikes).
• Sale and repairs.
Slide down by night (après-ski) from the top of Courchevel ski slopes. Fun trails on ski slopes but also beautiful forest trails down to Courchevel Village.
Come and discover the mountain, supervised by a professional, during training courses for two days, a week or more, to be able make progress and discover the mountain at your own pace.
Embark on a mountain bike journey, staying or roaming, supervised by a mountain bike instructor and enjoy the wonderful scenery each day.
Espace VTT à Courchevel, c'est le spécialiste du VTT à assistance électrique (VTTAE) dans les 3 Vallées

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