Experience wonderful Turkish cuisine – we serve you dishes that are freshly made and authentic. You can also enjoy French and Asian food at our restaurant. Take a seat outside and soak up the sun with your family in our comfortable outdoor seating area.

Как добраться

  • 426 rue des Touvets

Дата открытия

  • В течение всего года
  • Часы открытия ежедневно с 11h до 21h и с 11h до 21h

На каких языках мы говорим

  • Français

Методы оплаты

  • Банковская (кредитная) карта

Your new favourite restaurant with a wide-ranging menu
Indulge yourself with our Turkish cuisine. Enjoy our tasty dishes and treat yourself to a variety of refreshing drinks. Our tasty fast food is well known for its unique, fresh flavours. So come by for a delicious lunch or dinner. If like to enjoy a cigarette now and then, we also have a private smoking area where you can relax.

For special dietary needs
We take pride in offering healthy food tailored to every diner, so try one of our halal specialties, you'll love it! We'd like to make it as easy as possible for you to have a stress-free dining experience – your health, and tastebuds, are our number one priority.

Take-away available
You can park your car in front of the restaurant using our free parking spaces. For families with baby strollers or customers using wheelchairs, our restaurant is wheelchair accessible to suit your needs. For your convenience use our easy to operate online reservation service. After your meal you can pay either with cash or with MasterCard, contactless payments or VISA. We're also happy to prepare your order to go, so you can enjoy it at home. We're open all week from 11:00 to 21:00.

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