Horse riding

Courchevel, summer vacation destination

Explore the treasures of Courchevel on horseback! Discover the villages, forests and hamlets on our horseback rides. Lessons, courses and activities for children available. Experience horseback riding in the Alps in a unique way!

Crossing the Courchevel area on horseback is possible! In the ski-resort’s riding centre in the Savoie, riding instructors will take you to explore the villages, forests and hamlets in the area. Take riding lessons or sign up for one of the courses on offer so that grooming, tacking up and getting into the saddle no longer hold any secrets for you. Baby pony lessons are the perfect activity for introducing children to riding in a fun and informative way! For budding riders, there is also the option of hiring a pony without an instructor to show your child around the riding centre for 30 minutes or an hour.

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