Dirt Scoot

Explore Courchevel in an unusual way with a dirtscoot! Take to the slopes on an all-terrain scooter and discover a unique blend of downhill skiing and mountain biking.

Fans of unusual thrills can try out dirt scootering! Ride down the slopes on this all-terrain scooter in Courchevel ski resort in Savoie and discover a new way of exploring the area, halfway between downhill skiing and mountain biking. Descend the slopes with ease in a fun and entertaining way surrounded by the alpine pastures, spruce forests and mountains of Courchevel. This activity is suitable for those aged 8 years and over and is a perfect way to spend an afternoon in the Courchevel sunshine!


🌱 To respect the environment we ask you to make sure to collect your waste during your Dirt Scoot outings, sort it and dispose of it in garbage cans provided for this purpose as soon as you return to the resort. 

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