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Buy your ski passes

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Situated in the world’s largest ski area, Les 3 Vallées, Courchevel is THE perfect village and doorstep skiing resort for getting the most from your mountain ski holiday. Varied, high-altitude, modern and natural at the same time: get your skis on and discover the charm of Courchevel and Les 3 Vallées’ ski areas!

This week's top tips

Family Pass

Share these precious moments with your children in Les 3 Vallées, with a magical and easy atmosphere guaranteed!

  • 2 parents + 2 children (5/-18 years).

  • The whole family skis at child rates!

  • From 2 to 7 children.

Pass Tribu

Enjoy exhilarating experiences in Les 3 Vallées with your tribe... A change of scenery guaranteed!

  • Group purchase 3 skiers and more.

  • Buy as a group, you win!

  • Same duration, same field.

Regular skiers, our adapted offers

The 2/7 package

  • 2 days of skiing per week.

  • Explore the entire estate from Monday to Sunday!

  • Pass re-credited every Sunday evening (tip: ski from Saturday to Tuesday for 4 consecutive days)

  • Track your consumption on your online account & e-mail notifications.

Skiflex ski pass

This 3 Vallées ski pass is ideal for regular skiers who want to enjoy the resort's slopes sparingly. In short, an ideal season pass for workers close to the slopes who want to take a break between lunch and dinner.

  • 20 visits per week (consecutive or not)

  • Can be used from Monday to Sunday

  • Track your consumption on your online account & e-mail notifications.

The 3 Vallées Liberty Pass

The 3 Vallées Liberté Pass is available online only. It is ideal if you ski between 8 and 21 days of the season.

  • Free ski days: the 9th 3 Vallées day is free

  • The amount will be debited according to your actual route, based on your passages.

  • -10% off the adult day rate and 20% off every Saturday in the 3 Vallées area

  • Track your consumption on your online account & e-mail notifications.

Unlimited Season package

The season pass is the perfect plan if you ski more than 21 days in the season.

  • Unlimited skiing all season long!

  • 342 runs, 600km, 158 lifts.

  • Payment in 3 or 4 instalments available.

Free, minipass & pedestrians

  • Free

    Are you 75 or over? Your child is under 5? Your ski pass is free! These ski passes are only available at our points of sale. Proof of date of birth and a recent passport photo are required to qualify for these free passes.

  • Minipass

    If you're looking for a gentle introduction to skiing or snowboarding, then the Mini Pass Courchevel is for you! Enjoy the peace and quiet away from the more experienced skiers, relax and glide at your own pace down untrammelled green runs in a dream setting! One-day pass (5-75 years) gives you access to the Mini Pass area. It's the perfect opportunity to learn at your own pace and then set off to discover the 3 Valleys! On sale here.

  • Pedestrians

    Access the summits and discover the mythical peaks of the Alps: Mont Blanc, Grande Casse, les Ecrins ... You don't have to be a great walker to enjoy a great show! Day: €27/person - 6 days: €84/person. On sales here

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