The Courchevel epic

The Courchevel epic

They dared! Courchevel, the pioneer... Even today!

Pioneers, adventurers and visionaries did it! What avant-garde idea prompted the Savoie General Council in 1946 to create a ski resort from scratch on a site previously used only in summer by a handful of shepherds? What audacity on the part of the Saint-Bon town council to accept this grandiose project, which was to change the destiny of a small mountain community forever! And yet, they were right... the fame and success of the Savoyard resort were there from the start, and are still there today. And with good reason... since that day, many pioneers have contributed to the resort's development, helping to build its reputation and international influence.

Today, Courchevel is still driven by this pioneering and visionary spirit. It is constantly inventing and renewing itself... and remains one step ahead in terms of perfect grooming, quality slope preparation, state-of-the-art lifts and rescue expertise. This quest for innovation and perfection is also reflected in the resort's amenities, hotel service and gastronomy. All this is possible thanks to the many passionate, talented and innovative personalities from all over the world who excel in their fields. Discover the Courchevel epic since its creation in pictures on the dedicated website.

They have created

A new profession: first-aid ski patroller

To offer customers a safe playground accessible to the greatest number, a new profession had to be created, and new equipment invented! Under the leadership of a passionate man whose charisma was recognized by all, a handful of pioneers embarked on this adventure, where experimentation was part of the daily work.

This man, Emile Allais, a ski champion who had traveled the world, was inspired by what he had seen in the United States to lead Courchevel to the cutting edge of innovation. In the 1950s, he set up the Courchevel piste department, whose mission was to:

To offer smooth, i.e. groomed, slopes to give even beginners access to the joys of skiing, by testing damage machines, each more original than the last. In particular, he brought over the sno-cat from the USA. Usually used for polar expeditions, this vehicle enabled Courchevel to become the first French resort to be equipped with a snow groomer.

Secure the ski area by marking out and demarcating the edges of the slopes with markers.

Rescue skiers in difficulty or who have been injured.

Prevent accidents and injuries by bulldozing ski runs in summer to make them more ski-able.

Today, this relentless quest for perfect grooming is the legacy handed down to us by these intrepid enthusiasts, always striving for excellence to offer you a playground of the highest quality! The quest for perfect grooming has always been a leitmotif at Courchevel, and even today the resort makes it a point of honor to remain among the best in the world, with its teams working around the clock.

They invented

A new ski-in/ski-out concept born in Courchevel

It all had to be invented... And for that, there was nothing better than the eye of an expert, and moreover, a mountain lover, to propose a completely new type of ski resort compared to what had been done until then. This man was Laurent Chappis, who, after having skied all the slopes in the commune, drew up a highly avant-garde urban plan for the resort.

His idea: to meet two essential needs for future resort guests:

To give holidaymakers direct access to the ski slopes by building accommodation along them: the ski-in/ski-out concept was born.

Create a point of convergence between the ski runs and the lively heart of the resort: the snow front and its "grenouillère", where skiers and pedestrians come together to celebrate their stay in the mountains.

Thus was born a new kind of resort, to the delight of skiers who fell under the spell of this place totally designed for them.

Proof of Courchevel's success, its urban plan was quickly imitated by the designers of the integrated resorts of the 1960s. Today, this integration, where town planning and slopes become one, continues, enabling us to offer you a maximum number of ski-in/ski-out accommodations.

Here, the car is a thing of the past: no more ordeal of carrying your skis or trudging for miles in your ski boots... The whole resort is mobilized to simplify your journeys and make your stay easier: whether you're on skis or on foot, ski lifts, buses and accommodation shuttles will ensure you get around in the best possible conditions!

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