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Input rules

Courchevel Tourisme uses the APIDAE database, created by the Savoie Mont Blanc agency, gathering tourist information from more than 26 French departments. In order to ensure that your events are well understood and consistent throughout France, a few rules of entry are necessary.


  • Name of the event: indicate the title of the event following the following format → name of the event - complement if necessary (ex: One Man Snow - Stand up Michel Dupont) 

  • Short description: must immerse the reader in the universe and atmosphere of the event. No element of opening, price, etc. should be entered in this location. 

  • Detailed description: must complete the short description. No copy/paste of the short description. If no additional information to add, leave it empty. 

  • Multimedia : you must be able to add the copyrights of the person who took the photo(s) and have the rights to use them.


In general, please take care of spelling and punctuation and do not add texts and titles in capital letters.


Courchevel Tourisme reserves the right to modify the texts communicated in order to harmonize the weekly agenda and the APIDAE network. 

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