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Courchevel, summer vacation destination

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In Courchevel, there are:


• 4 people dedicated to preparing your stay. Contacting ‘Courchevel Tourisme’ means you can talk to a resort specialist who will put their knowledge of the area at your disposal to create a tailor-made holiday. Booking your holiday with ‘Courchevel Tourisme’ means receiving quality attention with complete peace of mind and in total security. 


• 10 people dedicated to welcoming you when you arrive. Visit our tourist offices to get all the information you might need and to receive a personal welcome. Get quick replies by telephone or email. Our employees are at your disposal every day. 


• 5 people dedicated to online communication to chat with you on social media. See information in real time on the website and find out about all useful advice when preparing for your stay. We are there to provide you with the best digital experience possible and to make it the perfect introduction to your holiday! 


• 7 people dedicated to entertainment and a programme of events. A veritable treasure trove of memories  presided over by a team dedicated to providing you with exceptional and free moments to experience  every day throughout the season. 


• Let us not forget the promotion, press and content creation departments, as well as all the key players in Courchevel who, both winter and summer every year, dedicate  their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to ensure that you have the best holiday possible.

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