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Foreign specialities
Courchevel 1850
This is the Italian restaurant of Courchevel.
The Italian chefs offer you the best in fresh homemade pasta, various tasty risottos, fine and crusty pizzas as well as the famous Tournedos Rossini dish and filet with morels...
Courchevel 1850
Fouquet’s, the well-known Parisian brasserie, is opening its doors in Courchevel, relooking its traditional image in favour of a snowy winter version.
Traditional cooking, Grill, Repas en tribu
Les Trois Bô offers traditional and refined cuisine with charcoal-grilled meat and lobster specialties, as well as weekly signature dishes concocted by our chef. An invitation to dine in the heart of Courchevel 1850.
Traditional cooking, Foreign specialities, Repas en tribu
The chef invites you on a real culinary journey with a completely revisited menu based on dishes with Mediterranean flavors. Enjoy a breathtaking view from the restaurant's panoramic terrace.

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